2021 BC Wildfire Contacts & Resources : Livestock & Pets

For British Columbia, and many other areas the 2021 wildfire season has been devastating. When times are tough, we often see incredible acts of generosity and passionate people step up to the plate. Meaningful collaboration between organizations, individuals involved in animal welfare efforts and goodhearted people in the general public is what is needed, and is exactly what we have seen.

Below you will find tools, resources and information from WCAA and other incredible organizations that are committed to connecting, collaborating and supporting those in need during the 2021 wildfires. 

If you are able to assist evacuees through hauling, shelter or organizational support click HERE to add your offer to the map!

West Coast Animal Advocates created this resource as a tool for those affected by wildfires. The offers are provided by members of the public, many that we have not personally met. Please do your due diligence when connecting with others. If you see your information on the map and wish to have it updated or removed, please email [email protected] Thank you!


Join the "BC & Alberta Emergency Livestock/Animal/Horse Evacuation Support Group" Facebook group now! How it works? If you need help, post. If you can offer help, post. You will be connected to others in your area that are either able to assist you or are needing assistance.


*A huge thank you to Tasha and the Admin Team at "BC & Alberta Emergency Livestock/Animal/Horse Evacuation Support Group" for helping to provide contacts and offers of help for the Interactive Map. Their data has been invaluable in this project.*

Looking to make a donation to assist those affected by wildfires?

Visit https://horserescuefund.org and scroll down to "WILDFIRE DISASTER RELIEF FUNDS/DONATIONS FOR ANIMALS"

You will find excellent resources on how to donate, what is needed and where exactly your donation will go.