Meet Us

Shelby with her mom, Teri and dogs Hemi & Tig.

Shelby Langelaan

Shelby's love for animals of all shapes and sizes, and determination to make a difference led to the creation of West Coast Animal Advocates. With a background in pet nutrition and Marketing, Shelby is able to combine her passions and truly make a difference for these animals and the rescue community.

Kathleen Ehman

Kathleen - our fundraising, networking Queen! She volunteers many hours of her time by helping with our social media, organizing events, taking foster dogs on hikes (while trying not to fall in love with them..), and SO much more. Kathleen is an animal lover and advocate, and a huge part of our West Coast Animal Advocates Family!

Teri Burstein

The Rescue Momma! As Shelby's Mom, Teri happily jumped onto the "Rescue Wagon" when things started to take off. She fills many roles at WCAA - secretary, accountant, therapist and often the voice of reason (just to name a few) ;). Teri helps us with everything from the little to the big, and we could not do it without her!